Why ThriveCast?


Thrive Learning

Grounded in the Learning Sciences, platform members are inspired through peer stories, supported through carefully designed learning challenges and mentor championing, and culminates in real-world stories.


Connected Growth

Join a Champion-supported, Thrive Community where you connect with people and opportunities relevant to your growth. Learning is supported by peer interaction with social relevance being a key value-add in the platform.


Custom Journeys

Carefully designed Collections of growth invitations, applying the Thrive Learning framework to help people connect, grow, apply, and inspire others. Learners can reach thresholds and earn locally or externally endorsed Micro-Certificates.

Ways to Thrive

Thrive Champion

Thrive schools are places where students are working together to create value with that which they are learning, as opposed to memorizing content. 

Thrive School

Use Collections like Together We Thrive or Early Career Teachers, or partner to research and design custom growth modules for your community. 

Thrive Organization

Use Collections like Flourishing Lives for Adults, Dimesions of Wellness, or partner to research and design custom growth modules for your community.

ThriveCast Programs


ThriveCast Programs for Purchase

We have a growing number of innovative programs available for K-12 schools, juvenile corrections facilities, faith-based organizations, and professional development more generally. These are available for purchase, adaptation, and local implementation by your staff or ours. (See Marketplace)


Create Your Own ThriveCast Program

Using our Thrive Design Methodology and Marketplace Tools, our team works with you to create growth collections based on your community needs, assets, and goals. We can help design new content, adapt existing content, along with sustainable and scalable models for your individual or company success (contact us).

LifeLab Studios, inc.

ThriveCast is managed by Lifelab Studios, Inc, which is led by an exceptional team of learning scientists, platform engineers, and successful entrepreneurs. We provide the following services to power people, organizations, and communities to thrive.

Growth Platform

We offer a connected growth platform, designed from the ground up to motivate positive change within supportive communities. ThriveCast harnesses the power of relationship, choice, and reputation, along with insights from the gaming industry, social media, psychology and what we know about how people learn.

Design Services

We partner with you to identify needs, build or adapt content, and create applied growth opportunities as part of personal journeys. Our powerful platform-based design tools and thrive methodology allows you to build growth invitations that matter to your community. The focus is on people thriving, not consuming content.

Ecosystem Support

You utilize the services that are needed by you, allowing large and small organizations (even individuals) to power your community using our platform services. We are also growing a B2C marketplace, matching customers to relevant growth journeys and expanding the market reach of partner content.

Research Analytics

We use data analytics to examine your community engagement, and work with you to iterate designs and services to maximize community impact. These data relate to individual designs, particular community members, or even to compare groups supported by different leaders so that you can optimize your impact.

Start Thriving

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