Why ThriveCast?


Thrive Learning

Grounded in the Learning Sciences, platform members are inspired through peer stories, supported through carefully designed learning challenges and mentor championing, and culminates in real-world stories.


Connected Growth

Join a Champion-supported, Thrive Community where you connect with people and opportunities relevant to your growth. Learning is supported by peer interaction with social relevance being a key value-add in the platform.


Custom Journeys

Carefully designed Collections of growth invitations, applying the Thrive Learning framework to help people connect, grow, apply, and inspire others. Learners can reach thresholds and earn locally or externally endoresed Micro-Certificates.

Ways to Thrive

Thrive Champion

Thrive schools are places where students are working together to create value with that which they are learning, as opposed to memorizing content. 

Thrive School

Use Collections like Flourishing Lives for Adults, Dimesions of Wellness, or partner to research and design custom growth modules for your community. 

Thrive Organization

Use Collections like Flourishing Lives for Adults, Dimesions of Wellness, or partner to research and design custom growth modules for your community.

Using our Thrive Design Methodology, our team can work in collaboration with yours to create growth collections for your community based on your needs and growth goals. Additionally, you can utilize our existing growth collections that already meet your needs. Core to ThriveCast are Collections of Modules designed to help members grow in that areas, as they create real-world value and earn Micro-Certificates supported by local champions and many can be further endorsed by accredited agencies.

Available Collections

Forming Character

Part of the Flourishing Lives set, this collection is designed to support youth in growing aspects of character as they engage challenging situations.

Amplifying Voice

Also part of the Flourishing Lives set, this collection cultivates youth ability to know themselves and have voice for things that matter to them. 

Discovering Purpose

From the Flourishing Lives set, through this collection youth explore what they are good at and where they can create value in their lives.

Being Enrepreneurial

From Flourishing Lives, this collection helps youth innovate, take risks, grow through challenges, and creatively solve problems.


Developed with support from the National Science Foundation, supports Latino students in developing a passion and skillset to pursue STEM,

Dimensions of Wellness

Based on Samsha research, includes 8 collections (emotional, social, occupatoinal, finanical, physical, environmental, intellectual, social).  

Being a Parent

Designed for pregnant youth, includes topics that range from making a safe home to breast feeding or not to creating boundaries to being a nurturing parenting.

Living with Purpose

Developed as part of a Flourishing Adult series focused on 5 areas advanced by the Harvard Flourishing Center (happiness, character, health, etc).

Innovation Classes

Includes four 1-credit modules for college students to grow their capacity as innovators. Upon completing a micro-certificates can earn ASU credit.

Education Classes

Two teacher education collections, including teacher recruitment and first-year success. Supported by the Kauffman Foundation and UMKC.

Journey to Protect

Designed by 3-Strands, this involves 5 collections to support teachers in combatting human trafficking. Custom journeys for Utah, Texas, and CA.

Recovery & Addiction

Based on the 12 steps of alcholics anonymous, this was designed to support incarcareted youth in partnership with  AZ juvenile detention department.

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