Pathway to Sobriety

A substance awareness and prevention program for at-risk youth, along with a set of Modules for training staff in supporting youth. Youth learn about substance use in a way that is personal, connected, and supported. As a mobile-first platform, members connect and share with others in their groups or the larger community, pursuing growth opportunities and even earning micro-certificates to validate their progress.

The Pathways to Sobriety Modules include Growth Modules focused on key areas associated with prevention and recovery of at-risk youth. :

  • Understanding Addiction – what is addiction, managing family dynamics, choosing effective treatment
  • Addressing Risk Factors – trauma and historical trauma, toxic stress, my social identity
  • Increasing Protective Factors – developing resilience, positive social networks, life skills, finding purpose, help-seeking mindset, socio-emotional learning, mindfulness
  • Owning the Problem – accepting powerlessness, asking for help, willing to change, working through resentment
  • Living Sober – work/school success, avoiding triggers, etc.