Diversity and Inclusion

A Diversity and Inclusion Program to help your staff identify their own cultural strengths, confront implicit biases, and value each other's diverse strengths. Staff grow in small groups as they develop an inclusive organizational culture. Seeing diversity as an asset is much more than recognizing differences or treating all differences as the same. We all have unique histories, strengths, and perspectives.

Organizations often don’t actualize the benefits that diverse teams can produce. If diverse teams aren’t actively managed to foster inclusion, they can underperform homogenous teams. Research conducted by Frances Frei, professor at Harvard Business School, indicates that shared knowledge is critical in decision making and diverse teams, by definition, begin with less shared knowledge. And when all voices in your organization are included, the whole truly becomes more than the sum of its parts. Modules range from examining implicit bias to adapting to a changing society to recognizing one's unique cultural assets.

  1. Your Organization Manages the Implementation - which includes facilitating the groups of 20 – 30 people, supporting staff as members make progress on their own journey and support the progress of others. The facilitation is primarily composed of basic administration, reviews of stories, support for group engagement, highlighting achievement. There are six growth Modules, each designed to be around 45 minutes with each member having to complete 4-5 to earn their Diversity and Inclusion micro-certificate.
    [Member Costs = $10 per user] [Leader Training Cost = $2,500 per 25 staff]
  2. WE MANAGE THE IMPLEMENTATION - Same as above, but we run small groups for you. Though your organization must facilitate the formation of groups, we facilitate the groups, encourage their participation, and provide monthly highlights in a report that your organization can review. 
    [Cost = $25 per user, 10% discount over 500 members.