Flourishing Lives for Youth

A Flourishing Lives Program to help youth grow in character, purpose, and voice so they can create life opportunities. Easily customized for Catholic, Christian, Jesuit middle/high schools, home school contexts, or even as Sunday School.

These journeys are focused on unlocking the potential of all youth to lead a flourishing life; a life that is anchored in good character, guided by a sense of purpose, amplified with one's voice, and expressed through an entrepreneurial mindset. Youth can 'thrive' in one or all the following areas:

  1. Flourishing Lives - there are four Collections, with youth being able to level-up to Thrive in the following areas: Forming Character (who I am): Knowing what I believe and value, treating others with dignity and kindness. Discovering Purpose (where I have impact): Developing connections between what I do well, what I enjoy, and what the world needs. Amplifying Voice (what I will say): Speaking your truth and advocating for others, in ways that everyone has the opportunity to be heard. Creating Opportunities (how I will get there): Developing the innovative thinking and entrepreneurial mindset to generate opportunities and value in your life. Cost = $5 per student.