Innovate To Thrive

These alternative course experiences are designed to help undergraduates grow their ability to innovate in the context of supportive peers. There are four possible 1-credit experiences that they can pursue, each designed to power one's ability to level up on particular skills to realize goals that are personally and socially relevant. The four journeys include:

  • Me as Innovator - grow your potential to be creative, make things, inspire others, and improve the world around you.
  • Designing Innovation - grow your potential to identify a problem, make an innovation, and continually iterate your innovation to be something that people find valuable.
  • Innovation in Society – grow your perspective on the relationship of technology and society, and the role of humans in moderating the value of technology in each one of our lives.
  • Architecting my Future - grow your potential to architect the future that you want to live.
A key goal of this experience is that you will connect with peer examples, grow your skills in each particular Module area, and then apply what you are learning to do something personally meaningful in the real world. More than demonstrating your understanding of the key “grow activities” focused on skill development, you are required to create your own impact stories describing how you uniquely applied key ideas in your own way.