Resilience To Thrive

The Resilience and Hope journey was designed as a critical offering for students to utilize in Fall 2022. The journey consists of 4 Modules that takes about 3-4 hours of student time, and for which they can earn a Micro-Certificate. Student stories provide universities with student data about where they are struggling, while building resilience skills and fostering a sense of connection among students. We train resident advisors and other student leaders to support implementation at scale within your university/college.

  1. RESILIENCE AND HOPE - focuses on enabling students to connect with each other around their experiences during the pandemic, building resilience and hope. 2-3 hours over two weeks, provides schools with OTL data that can be used for school programming while building a strong foundation. The R&H package can be implemented by your resident advisors along with student leaders leaders. Online training materials at no cost. There are also other programs focused on mental health and wellness, diversity and inclusion, self-management, and relationship skills mentioned in the PDF.
    Cost for R&H Program = $2.50 per student (10% discount over 5,000 students)
  2. GROUP LEADER TRAINING - tBecause journeys are implemented in small groups managed by your staff and/or student leaders, champion training is available for staff and student leaders. It can result in a micro-certification that student leaders can use as a market value asset. 
    Cost = $2,500 per 25 staff/leaders, includes 250 accounts
  3. THRIVE SCHOOL - beyond implementing the above programs, we can work with you to "thrivify" material within existing courses or programs such that students can experience the value and pride of using what they are learning to accomplish real-world goals. This is a "bolt on" program that can be easily integrated as applied experiences for credit or as micro-certificates. (Costs TBD)