Supporting Positive Change

A Positive Youth Development Program for justice-involved youth and officers focused on helping youth to build protective factors that are associated with their criminogenic needs (see PDF). For officers, the focus is on positive change, including trauma-informed care, strength-based communication and understanding adolescent development among others.

  1. PROTECTIVE FACTORS FOR YOUTH - 8 Collections of 7 Modules each focused on key protective factors associated with what are considered dynamic criminogenic needs. These can be administered in detention with upgraded security settings using managed devices, or for probation and detention as part of Case Plan for that youth using any smart device or even at public libraries. Youth earn Micro-Certificates in each area that can directly connected with their unique identified needs. 
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  2. POSITIVE CHANGE TRAINING FOR OFFICERS - builds students social and emotional skills (utilizing the CASEL framework), including self-awareness, relationship skills, self-management, decision-making, and mental health. We also offer growth collections focused on helping at-risk youth make good choices, confront substance abuse, and build protective factors. Can be implemented by your advisors with student leaders.
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  3. SUBSTANCE ABUSE - we also have substance abuse training for staff, and the Pathways to Sobriety program for youth. Based on evidence-based practices from SAMSHA and others, youth learn about addiction, risk factors, and reflect on their own substance abuse. They can also explore preventative approaches, and begin to build the pro-social skills and positive lifestyle choices necessary to change their situation around.
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