A Connected Congregation

People are not looking for technology to merely consume information about their faith, but are seeking relational belonging. Church members want experiences that are consistent with the ways that they’re using media to interact with friends, stay up-to-date on their news, and engage most of the other media in their lives.

Members are looking for relational spaces where they can connect with the people, ideas, and stories that matter to them, and that advance their relationship with God and others. They want a place that is about them, people and stories they care about, and is designed to support their spiritual formation and discipleship.

Toward that end, we offer a Custom Program and Platform for your church, designed with key Modules to build a connected and flourishing congregation along with add-on Collections focused on topics such as marriage, the Gospel, flourishing lives, and evangelism. 

  1. CONGREGANT CONNECTION - Includes Our Flourishing Congregation set of Modules designed to help members identify with your church by personally connecting with your Mission and Services, by helping members to feel fully seen and loved, and by helping them continue to grow their relationship with God. As a Connected Growth Platform, you can add posts, share personal messages, support member connections, and benefit as members join small groups around focused growth areas that you produce or make available from our growing library. 
    ($500-5000 setup Fee) 
  2. AVAILABLE GROWTH PROGRAMS - as a managed platform, you decide which members join and which programs are available to your members. Members have the option of selecting groups and purchasing content, from which you benefit from sales based on the value-add you provide through the group support. Groups are led by one of your members (or external staff), and consist of 8-25 members growing in a particular area over the course of 2-4 weeks. You choose from our growing library of programs, including Marriage and Family, Evangelism and the Diaconate, ... 
    (Program costs + Church Fees) (See Catalog)
  3. CREATE YOUR OWN PROGRAMS - in addition to available programs, we can work with you to create own your programs using our Designer Toolkit with your content. You can upload existing content, link to videos, create learning activities, and build custom Modules with goals and imagery that matters to your members and you continue to own all your Intellectual Property. Members then join groups powered by your growth journeys, and you can even make programs available to other churches if of interest. Using our Thrive Integrations Methodology we can help you to identify needs, create growth goals, and implement in sustainable and scalable ways.
    (You Set Member Costs, we earn 15%)