We have a growing number of innovative programs available for K-12 schools, juvenile corrections facilities, faith-based organizations, and professional development more generally.  These are available for purchase, adaptation, and local implementation by your staff or ours. Any program can be modified and made relevant to your community and your goals.

For Colleges/Universities

Programs and Journeys available to colleges to help their students thrive. In addition, we can work with you to build "thrive experiences" around existing courses that can available to students to use what they are learning in real-world tasks. 

Resilience to Thrive

Supporting college students to be seen, valued, and validated so that they can thrive in school and life. With an initial focus on helping undergraduates develop resilience for Fall 21/22, as they build a sense of connection and belonging for the year ahead.  

Innovate to Thrive

Grounded in the assumption that each one of us can innovate, these alternative course experiences are designed to help undergraduates grow their ability to innovate in the context of supportive peers. There are four possible 1-credit experiences.

Juvenile Corrections

Programs available to support justice-involved youth in making positive change focused on addressing criminogenic needs and building key protective factors. Includes training for detention, probation, and diversion officers, along with staff development. 

Building Protective Factors

A Positive Youth Development Program for justice-involved youth focused on building protective factors, and developing necessary life skills for positive change. Can be used in Detention, Probation, or with youth on Diversion to support positive change.

A Positive Change Officer

A Collection of Modules to support your diversion, probation, and detention officers as they make the shift from a generalized punishment and compliance orientation towards supporting positive youth development.

Substance Abuse Awareness

A substance prevention and recovery program for at-risk youth. youth learn about substance use in a way that is personal, connected, and supported. Modules range from learning about substance abuse to examining one's one substance usage.

Faith-Based Organizations

Programs and Journeys available for faith-based organizations. This includes building a connected congregation for churches, and enabling middle/high school students to live flourishing lives.

A Connected Congregation

A Custom Program and Platform for your church, designed with Modules to build a connected and flourishing congregation, along with add-on programs from faith leaders to help your members grow and flourish.

Youth Flourishing Lives

A Flourishing Lives Program to help youth grow in character, purpose, and voice so they can create life opportunities. Easily customized for Catholic, Christian, Jesuit middle/high schools, home school contexts, or even as Sunday School.

K-12 Schools

Programs for Middle/High Schools to help their students thrive. Beginning with a focus on resilience , while also supporting professional development. We can also partner to build "thrive experiences" around existing classes to enable students to experience the value of what they are learning as part of a connected community using what they are learning. 

Together We Thrive

An SEL Program for grades 7-12 focused on building resilience and hope, SEL life skills, and fostering the sense of belonging and becoming so that youth can thrive in school and life. This program also provides data insights into student struggles.

Teacher Development

A Collection of Teacher Training Programs funded by the Kauffman Foundation. This includes growth Modules for teachers new to teaching, for experienced teachers, and even those exploring whether teaching is for them.

College/Career Readiness

A College and Career Readiness Program for high-school students. Youth work in small groups, reflecting on their interests, growing their skills, identifying college/career interests, and building life experiences to unlock their desired futures.

Corporate Offerings

Programs for organizational professional development with an initial focus on issues of diversity and inclusion, along with trauma-informed care, strength-based communication, and dimensions of wellness. We can also work to build PD around your priorities.

Diversity and Inclusion

A Diversity and Inclusion Program to help your staff identify their own cultural strengths, confront implicit biases, and value each other's diverse strengths. Staff grow in small groups as they develop an inclusive organizational culture.

Corporate Wellness

Leveraging research on the eight dimensions of wellness, focused on building a connected health culture in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, and financial wellness.

Additional Journey Areas

As a new platform and offering, we continue to expand our support for individuals, organizations and communities with new journeys becoming available. We would love to power you to unlock the potential of your community. 

Journey to Protect

A program by 3 Strands Global Foundation to prepare adults with key information about human trafficking and trauma, including vulnerabilities and risk factors, so that adults can use a trauma-informed approach to identify, support, and report suspected exploitation of youth. 

Lifelong Wellness

A platform and suite of growth journeys for seniors focused on the eight dimensions of wellness as advanced by Samsha. As a program it provides opportunities for seniors to engage in lifelong learning, have social connection, and pursue ongoing growth in life wellness areas.

Art of the Cowgirl

A place for women to come together and support each other in living their best lives. Learning from cowgirl legends, insights from working with horses, and inspiring stories from peers, members engage modules related to wisdom, mind, body, and spirit 

LifeLab Studios, inc. is managed by Lifelab Studios, Inc, growing out of research conducted at ASU around what was ThriveCast. Lifelab Studios, Inc. is led by an exceptional team of learning scientists, platform engineers, and successful entrepreneurs. We provide the following services to power people, organizations, and communities to thrive.

Growth Platform

We offer a connected growth platform, designed from the ground up to motivate positive change within supportive communities. harnesses the power of relationship, choice, and reputation, along with insights from the gaming industry, social media, psychology and what we know about how people learn.

Design Services

We partner with you to identify needs, build or adapt content, and create applied growth opportunities as part of personal journeys. Our powerful platform-based design tools and thrive methodology allows you to build growth invitations that matter to your community. The focus is on people thriving, not consuming content.

Ecosystem Support

You utilize the services that are needed by you, allowing large and small organizations (even individuals) to power your community using our platform services. We are also growing a B2C marketplace, matching customers to relevant growth journeys and expanding the market reach of partner content.

Research Analytics

We use data analytics to examine your community engagement, and work with you to iterate designs and services to maximize community impact. These data relate to individual designs, particular community members, or even to compare groups supported by different leaders so that you can optimize your impact.